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University of Yalova Rector Prof. Dr Suat CEBECI is in the kitchen for GastroFish Project

Yalova University Rector Prof. Dr. Suat Cebeci supported the cooks in making anchovy pizza made from seaweed flour by wearing a chef's apron as part of the kitchen shoots of the GastroFish project.

'E-Learning' module shoots within the scope of the "Increasing Youth Empowerment by Developing Digital E-Learning in Gastro-Fish" project (GastroFish), developed by Yalova University faculty members and supported by the European Union, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish National Agency, started in the practice kitchen of Yalova University Cookery program.

The shootings of the project, which aims to introduce seafood products to young people with innovative and creative approaches, were directed by Yalova University Making observations about the digital contents of the Gastrofish project, Prof. Dr. Suat Cebeci also contributed to the making of anchovy pizza with seaweed flour (spirulina). In the project, the pre-, during and post-cooking techniques of tub gurnard soup, spirulina (seaweed) grainy fish burger and anchovy pizza made from spirulina flour, which are among the courses that make up the third part of the e-learning modules, were recorded.

GastroFish Project

Under the coordination of Yalova University, the GastroFish project was prepared in partnership with AKSAM (Mediterranean Fisheries Research, Production and Training Institute) and SUYMERBIR (Aquaculture Producer Center Association), CEIPES from Italy, DIDEAS from Spain and INNOPOLIS from Greece. The e-learning modules prepared for the intellectual outputs targeted within the scope of the project aim to increase the interest of young people in the fishing and gastro-cuisine sector, to learn healthy seafood and fish cooking techniques, and to increase their social participation in the fishing sector at local, regional, national and international levels.

The E-Learning module shots of the project were carried out by under the coordination of Derya Güroy, Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Betül Güroy (Researcher), Lect. Yasin Özaslan (Researcher), Lect. Mehmet Emin Tura (Gastronomer-Researcher), Lect. İzzet Şahin (Researcher-Technician) and, Instr. Enez Özkan Demirci (Project Executive Officer-Translator).

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