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KA210-YOU Social Youth: The Entrepreneurship of The Future

Jóvenes reunidos
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General aim

SYEF aims at promoting Youth Social Entrepreneurship by using digital media in combination with NFE methodology and practical learning among NGOs and young people. It focuses on SE to create a community of Young People who can shape an inclusive world for future generations with the support of experienced YWs by exploiting the main youth communication.

Specific objectives

1. To foster NGOs and YWs methods in creating innovative social opportunities in labour and entrepreneurial field by sharing good practices, tools and methods, while also developing learning open material in podcast formats to improve YW support in the field by considering youth needs and future labour market development

2. To experience Youth SE based on digital means as a way to create social change, inclusion and quality innovation on an intercultural environment through the participation of experienced entities and young people as active booster of ideas development and testing in local hubs

3. To empower and provide young people with the tools to create and sustain a social intercultural digital-based entrepreneurship through non-formal education and experiential practice improving their creativity and innovation while also experiencing how to develop small projects by using digital channels.

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