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BRIDGE Project

Muebles para el aula
Erasmus+ Project.png

Erasmus+ Project (2022-1-IT02-KA220-SCH-000089154)

BRIDGE identifies social inclusion as a further priority by supporting a new approach in the classrooms which sees educators and teachers carry out work no longer only ON the single learner at risk of dropping out but WITH him/her and considering his/her difficulties as a means by which to develop social skills and emotions of the class. 


To pursue these objectives, BRIDGE carries out a pilot action which consists of the design, implementation, testing and validation of two tools 1. A guide for a CAPACITY BUILDING path aimed at educators and teachers to support them in working together 2. a TOOLKIT that supports the work in the classroom of teachers and educators with teaching and educational activities, guidelines for the introduction of shared teaching and evaluation methods, tools for involving all subjects in the learning process.

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