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KA205 GastroFish

Redes de pesca

Project Erasmus+ KA205 GastroFish

The objectives are: (i) to build a reliable source of guidelines on the fishing sector and employment opportunities for the youth population in the project region (Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain) (ii) to establish a gastro-cooking guide. Fishing and training module that will be formed by doing the situation and the analyzes related to the existing rural fishing sector in the Mediterranean region (iii) create an international network by organizing visual documentation and the Fishing online nets guide in the EU. (iv) create the "Online training and certification module for the acquisition of marketing techniques" using the technology of young people engaged in fishing.


To these ends, researchers, academics and all stakeholders will come together to achieve the goals. The expected results and impact will be local, national, EU and global for the fisheries sector. The GastroFish project aims to promote, involve, connect and empower young people in the fishing and gastronomy sector through digital learning activities. The GastroFish project will also stimulate the strengthening of intersectoral cooperation, allowing greater synergies through the fisheries-gastro information technology with a special focus on access to participation - including electronic participation - and especially those at risk of social exclusion.

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