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Life Skills 4 Inclussion Project

Studying in Groups
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Life Skills 4 Inclussion (2022-2-IT02-KA210-ADU-000091959)

General aim of the project

The overall objective of Life Skills 4 Inclusion, also referred to by the acronym L.S.4.I., is to promote the social and professional inclusion of adults, with disabilities, through the learning of Life Skills, i.e. skills and competences that the World Health Organisation, WHO, defines as "all those skills that it is necessary to learn in order to relate to others and to cope with the problems, pressures and stresses of everyday life".


Learn more about our project, its goals, the mission that animates the partnership, and the added value it seeks to realize

The project pursues the following priorities for the attention of the European Commission in all its phases, from the conception to the implementation to the follow-up phase

  1. Inclusion and diversity because of the focus on the involvement within all activities of participants with fewer opportunities and because the proposal aims to promote the social and professional inclusion of a disadvantaged target group;

  2. To create pathways for retraining, improving accessibility and increasing the dissemination of adult education as it promotes new educational opportunities for adults with disabilities, in particular with a low level of skills, through life skills pathways to enhance work and social inclusion

  3. Improving the competences of educators and other adult education staff" will involve increasing the competences of trainers working with disabled adults and acquiring tools for assessing their learning outcomes.

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