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DIGITRAINER (2023-1-NL01-KA220-VET-000153434)


  1. Raising Awareness: The project aims to raise awareness about the importance of digital knowledge and technology training. It emphasizes how such training can upskill trainers and contribute to the development of a culture of innovation within the education and training sector.

  2. Bringing Permanent Change: DIGITRAINER 4.0 seeks to bring about permanent change within Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions. It intends to inspire VET decision-makers to recognize how digital knowledge can lead to better training agility and greater value for themselves, learners, and other stakeholders.

  3. Communication with Stakeholders: The project focuses on effective communication with significant stakeholders and policymakers. It aims to sensitize them to the critical role that digital knowledge plays in training and education. By engaging with stakeholders, DIGITRAINER 4.0 aims to foster support for digital training initiatives.

  4. Fine-Tuning Trainer Skills: DIGITRAINER 4.0 is dedicated to enhancing trainer digital management skills. Trainers participating in the program will have the opportunity to fine-tune their skills and transfer learning derived from their project participation. This, in turn, is expected to lead to improved effectiveness and performance among trainers.

  5. Personal Skills Optimization: The project also seeks to optimize personal skills among trainers, particularly in areas such as self-confidence and determination. These personal skills are considered vital for trainers to successfully integrate digital knowledge into their teaching practices and adapt to the changing landscape of education.

Project results

  1. Skills Gap Assessment: A report identifying skills gaps in trainer digital readiness and awareness of emerging technologies, based on research across partner countries.Interactive Educational Resources: Creation of dynamic learning materials on digital skills and emerging tech, with a structured training model. This includes curriculum development, peer reviews, a MOOC platform, and multimedia content in five languages.

  2. 3.Digital Learning Tools: Development and promotion of open-access resources for European trainers to engage with technology and innovation.

  3. 4.Dissemination and Outreach: Sharing insights, best practices, and ideas online and through events to raise awareness of how digital tools can enhance learning and support trainers in Education 4.0.

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