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Let's Go Beyond Talk: Turn Quickly Into Action!+ (LGBTQIA!+) - 2022-2-IT03-KA220-YOU-000100764

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The “Let’s Go Beyond Talk: Turn Quickly Into Action!+” (LGBTQIA!+) (2022-2-IT03-KA220-YOU-000100764) Project promoted by Associazione Culturale Communia (Ancona, Italy), within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme KA220 Cooperation Partnerships, aims to boost the social inclusion of LGBTQIA+ community members in partner countries (IT, PL, NL and ES) and at the EU level.

The specific objectives of this project are:

  1. To increase community empowerment among LGBTQIA+ members and activists;

  2. To raise social support towards LGBTIQ+ communities;

  3. To strengthen the confidence to express LGBTQIA+ social identity.

  4. The target groups are youth, especially LGBTQIA+ people, volunteer activists, social and cultural workers and students over 18.

The project partnership is composed by:

  • Associazione Culturale Communia (project leader, Ancona, Italy), a young people-led not-for-profit association focused on providing opportunities to other young people through research, training and European projects;

  • Dideas (Almazora, Spain), a social company dedicated to training and strategic consulting in the areas of business model definition, entrepreneurship, innovation, gender equality, prevention of homo-Lesbo-Bi- Transphobia, social responsibility and sustainability;

  • Stichting art.1 (Amsterdam, Netherlands), a foundation dedicated to the visibilization and inclusion of minorities (migrants/refugees and LGBTQIA+) through the arts.

  • Metodi Asscom&Aleph (Milano, Italy), an independent organization working in community development projects to promote quality of life, innovation and social cohesion through participatory and cooperative methodologies;

  • Youth Support Centre (Lubin, Poland), established by youth workers, young people and professionals, motivated to work with non-formal education in addressing the issues that concern the local community, Poland and Europe

The LGBTQIA!+ project activities to achieve the objectives above are:
WP2. Two Learning Teaching and Training Activities (LTTAs of 4 days each), one in Milan, and one in
Valencia, where participants will take part and learn how the “community visioning”, a planning tool that
empowers people to express a vision for the future of their community, that will be used with the aim to

  • guidelines to encourage policymakers to adopt and undertake policies which ensure the social inclusion of LGBTQIA+ community (in Milan)

  • a vademecum for third sector organisations useful to explain and settle LGBTQIA+ advocacy and inclusive practices (in Valencia)

Participants will be partners’ staff, young LGBTQIA+ people or activists, third sector or social workers from
all of the involved EU countries;
Leaders of the activity: Metodi and Dideas

WP3. Online training on an Advocacy-based service learning programme (ASLP) for associated partners,
who, in turn, will implement ASLP in at least one secondary education institution each. Advocacy-based
service learning is an educational approach that combines learning objectives with advocacy-based
community service in order to provide to students a pragmatic learning experience by supporting them in
producing a positive impact on their communities. The target of this activity are classes of students of 18
years old. During this phase of ASLP implementation in schools, LGBTQIA!+ partners will support the
associated partners in implementing 4 to 8 service learning sessions in at least one class.
Leader of the activity: Associazione Culturale Communia

WP4. An online Training Course on Artivism where participants will be required to actively make an artivist
product that will be collected in an online art gallery. Participants will mainly be young workers and/or
university students engaged in the cultural and creative sectors or in the social sector.
Leader of the activity: Stichting art.1

The project is expected to reach the following results and long-term outcomes in all the target groups:

  1. Increased community empowerment;

  2. Increased self-efficacy perception regarding advocacy skills;

  3. Increased social support towards the LGBTIQIA+ community;

  4. Increased active participation of high school students in initiatives for LGBTQIA+ social inclusion;

  5. Strengthened the confidence to express LGBTQIA+ identity;

  6. Increased awareness of the LGBTQIA+ identity spectrum and human rights.

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