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KA220-SCH Arts-abled

Jóvenes reunidos
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We will create a methodological framework & practices to combine and amalgamate SEN with arts-activities and these will be also supported by an e-platform and a networking/support website for all the schools, teacher and families of the pupils with SENs.

With our project partners:

  1. ANAMUR ILCE MILLI EGITIM MUDURLUGU from Turkey, a local directiorate of national education focusing on formal school education of and supporting the students with SEN and DAS, and their families

  2. ASSOCIAZIONE LET'S KEEP LEARNING ONLUS from Italy, a NGO focusing on care of pupils with SEN/DAS and counselling for their families/teachers

  3. BAYKUS SANAT VE EDEBIYAT MERKEZI from Turkey, an Art Centre focusing on after-school support for education of pupils with SEN and DAS by art and art-activities

  4. DINSERTA CENTRO ESPECIAL DE EMPLEO from Spain, Social Enterprise supporting people with SEN and DAS in a work-life/employability/vocational education

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