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Letras de Scrabble

GAMEDIA (2023-1-SE02-KA220-YOU-000150524)

Objectives of GAMEDIA

The project’s main aim is to provide a tool for youth workers to train youth in media literacy and sensitize them to mis/disinformation. This will be achieved through the development of a card-based board game which will be the focus of media-literacy training workshops with youth. Thus, the two key results to achieving this objective are: the board game and its accompanying guidelines; and the pilot workshops which will test the game with real-life participants.


Thus, the project also aims to improve youth’s media literacy skills both with a direct target group (youth participating in the pilot workshops), and with an indirect target group (European youth who will participate in future activities carried out by youth workers not directly involved in the project, but who will have access to the project results). The achievement of these two objectives addresses the priority of common values, civic engagement and participation, focussing on the improvement of media literacy. Thanks to the project, young people will develop a more conscious attitude and a critical perspective in getting to know what happen around them, in their communities, as we as at national and European contexts. In this way, youth will become more engaged in their community and more active citizens.


The project also aims : youth workers in the partner organisations (direct) and youth workers outside of the partner organisations, across Europe (indirect). The provision of the project tool (the game and its guidelines) will provide the resources to improve the quality of their activities. The youth workers in the partner organisations in particular will become experts in both gamification and media literacy training through their participation in the project. Thus, this addresses the priority of increasing the quality and innovation of youth work.

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