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Project Overview: Empowering Youth through Media Literacy

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the challenge of distinguishing between accurate information and deceptive content has become more critical than ever. This project embarks on an inspiring mission to arm youth workers with the tools needed to foster media literacy among young people and raise awareness about the dangers of misinformation and disinformation.

The Heart of the Project: A Card-Based Board Game

At the core of our initiative lies a uniquely designed card-based board game, crafted specifically to be both educational and engaging. This game will serve as the centerpiece of media literacy training workshops targeted at youth. Participants will navigate through scenarios that challenge their critical thinking and media discernment skills, making the learning process both interactive and fun.

Key Components for Success

  1. The Board Game and Guidelines: A comprehensive package including the board game and detailed guidelines on how to effectively utilize it in educational settings.

  2. Pilot Workshops: These workshops will provide real-world testing grounds for the game, gathering valuable feedback from participants and ensuring its effectiveness in teaching media literacy.

Reaching and Impacting Youth

Our project is set to make a significant impact on two levels:

  • Direct Impact: Youth who participate in the pilot workshops will gain firsthand experience and knowledge, equipping them with the skills to critically evaluate the media they consume.

  • Indirect Impact: By extending the reach of our tools and results, youth workers across Europe—who may not be directly involved in the project—will have access to our resources. This will enable them to incorporate media literacy training into their own activities, thereby amplifying our impact.

Fostering Civic Engagement and Participation

By enhancing media literacy, we aim to nurture a generation of youth who are more conscious of their informational environment. This heightened awareness will empower them to be more actively engaged in their communities and contribute meaningfully to civic life at local, national, and European levels. In essence, we are cultivating informed, critical thinkers who can navigate the complexities of today's media landscape with confidence and integrity.

Elevating Youth Work through Innovation

The project also sets a new standard for youth work by:

  • Empowering Youth Workers: Those within our partner organizations will receive specialized training, transforming them into experts in both gamification and media literacy. This expertise will not only enhance their current roles but also inspire innovative approaches in their future endeavors.

  • Extending Reach Beyond Partners: Youth workers across Europe will benefit from the project's outcomes, gaining access to a valuable tool that will elevate the quality and creativity of their educational activities.


In sum, this project is a beacon of hope in the fight against misinformation. By leveraging the engaging medium of a board game, we are not only educating youth but also transforming them into proactive, informed citizens. The ripple effects of this initiative will extend far beyond the initial participants, fostering a more media-savvy and civically engaged generation across Europe.


More information in the website of the project:

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