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GASTROFISH – The 3rd Transnational Meeting in Palermo

On 21st of May 2022 the consortium of the GASTROFISH project (2019-3-TR01-KA205-080005), Erasmus+ KA205, met in Palermo for the 3rd Transnational meeting to discuss about the implementation of the project activities and the state of art of the Intellectual Outputs.

The main objectives of the project are to build a reliable source for guideline about fishery sector in the Mediterranean area, to establish a gastro-kitchen guide of fishery and to create an international network of fishery in the EU, through the transfer of Local-National-International Knowledge and innovative methods.

After a warm welcome and a tour of CEIPES facilities, all the partners had the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings about the second STJS, which was just held in Palermo during the previous days.

The coordinating organization, University of Yalova, has then moderated the discussion about the state of art of IO2 (Gastro-Kitchen in Fishery), which will consist in the creation of E-learning modules and videos about the most important fish species in each project region: the partners agreed about the methodology being used and arranged a draft about the next modules to be created.

The partners also discussed about the next LTTA, which will take place in Spain, and the last project result, which is going to be the creation of an international gastro-fishery network.

As next steps, the partners will focus on the creation of the e-learning platform, as well on the best ways to involve participants and stakeholders and to disseminate the results of the Intellectual outputs.

If you want to know more and stay updated, you can follow the main Facebook page of the project.

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